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DB-BLACK   Black Deep Bowl
MB-BLACK   Black Mini Serving Bowls with Tray
OB-BLACK   Black Oval Bowl
RB-BLACK   Black Round Bowl
SD-BLACK   Black Square Dish
TBS-BLACK   Black Tear Bowls & Tray Set
TB-BLACK   Black Tear Bowls - Trio
TT-BLACK   Black Tear Tray
TR2-BLACK   Black Tray (no handles)
V-BLACK   Black Vase
OB-BLUE   Blue Oval Bowl
SD-BLUE   Blue Square Dish
TBS-BLUE   Blue Tear Bowls & Tray Set
TB-BLUE   Blue Tear Bowls - Trio
TT-BLUE   Blue Tear Tray
TR2-BLUE   Blue Tray (no handles)
V-BLUE   Blue Vase
DB-GREEN   Green Deep Bowl
MB-GREEN   Green Mini Serving Bowls with Tray
OB-GREEN   Green Oval Bowl
RB-GREEN   Green Round Bowl
SD-GREEN   Green Square Dish
TBS-GREEN   Green Tear Bowls & Tray Set
TB-GREEN   Green Tear Bowls - Trio
TT-GREEN   Green Tear Tray
TR2-GREEN   Green Tray (no handles)
V-GREEN   Green Vase
SD-GREY   Grey Square Dish
TBS-GREY   Grey Tear Bowls & Tray Set
TB-GREY   Grey Tear Bowls - Trio
TT-GREY   Grey Tear Tray
V-GREY   Grey Vase
MB-PINK   Pink Mini Serving Bowls with Tray
RB-PINK   Pink Round Bowl
TR2-PINK   Pink Tray (no handles)
DB-RED   Red Deep Bowl
MB-RED   Red Mini Serving Bowls with Tray
OB-RED   Red Oval Bowl
RB-RED   Red Round Bowl
SD-RED   Red Square Dish
TBS-RED   Red Tear Bowls & Tray Set
TB-RED   Red Tear Bowls - Trio
TT-RED   Red Tear Tray
TR2-RED   Red Tray (no handles)
V-RED   Red Vase
RB-TEAL   Teal Round Bowl
DB-YELLOW   Yellow Deep Bowl
MB-YELLOW   Yellow Mini Serving Bowls with Tray
SD-YELLOW   Yellow Square Dish
TBS-YELLOW   Yellow Tear Bowls & Tray Set
TB-YELLOW   Yellow Tear Bowls - Trio
TT-YELLOW   Yellow Tear Tray
V-YELLOW   Yellow Vase

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