Welcome to Bamboo Living!

I'm fascinated with bamboo! I've always been amazed by how versatile bamboo is and how communities in Asia have been using it for generations in construction, as food, for textiles and paper and for a multitude of every day items including baskets, utensils and even bicycles.

I started to think of the strong issues surrounding us today and wondered why countries outside of Asia don't use more bamboo. Since the industrial age, approximately half the world's original forests have been destroyed and millions of animals and living things have been endangered. There's a need to be more sustainable and bamboo can be a huge part of that solution.

So in 2014 I started Bamboo Living with an aim to provide stylish homeware products handmade from bamboo. But not only are my products made from one of the world's natural resources, we're also supporting the talented communities in SE Asia who make each item individually by hand - a multi-stage process that extends over many months!

By purchasing our products you can too and when you do I really hope you're happy with the quality, workmanship and natural beauty when they arrive at your door.

Thank You.

Founder of Bamboo Living

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